Migraines are the bane of my life.

Sometimes, I manage to catch them in time and take the medication that can lessen the suffering time. But sometimes they come on in my sleep and because ive missed the trigger point, a full blown attack happens.

For all those that think migraines are ‘just a bad headache’, you couldn’t be more wrong. They are all consuming and vary for every person who suffers. In my case, I have facial paralysis,  blindness on the side that the attack is happening and difficulties with speech because the paralysis affects my tongue. One recent attack was so severe, my GP sent me to the stroke unit to be checked out as the symptoms were too similar to a stroke to discount.

The pain is sickening and for some people this is alleviated by vomiting or nose bleeds – I’m not one of those.  Neither am I one of those that have migraine with aura – I don’t know what that is.

It has gotten worse the older I get, and for some reason come in clusters – there will be nothing for months and then a whole load one after the other for weeks.

Migraines – misunderstood by thousands and suffered by millions.


The dreaded day came and went in a blur, and it was amazing!

Small, intimate and full of humour, laughs, good people, food and drink. For all of those who are spending thousands of pounds on your day – I feel so sorry for you, I truly hope that at some point during your day you have a moment to reflect if its all been worth it.

This isnt a jibe, believe me it isnt.

I’ve had the massive wedding experience, the first time around and hated every second of it (mind that might have been something to do with the Neanderthal I was marrying!)

This time, it was nothing like I was expecting – because, I had no expectations. I just wanted the day to be nice and without incident. And it was!

It was just – perfect …

Save the Date

Well, we’ve bit the bullet and made an appointment at the local registry office.
Heart was plodging around in my chest on the way over with all our various forms of ID – and this was just to give notice!!
Dates had been bandied around between us and we had a few to choose from.
Sat down with the registrar and the question was asked, “well then – when were you planning on?”
I never got a chance to open my mouth and my beloved said, “27th of February.” Just like that.
So – that’s when it is, in 27 days time!
Nothing bought, arranged or sorted – and I’ve got less than a month to do it!!!


Post Christmas

Well, its finished. The overpriced bonanza that you fret about for months beforehand and over in an instant.
Why do we put ourselves through it?
This year, we decided to have a budget and stick to it.
That was the plan.
The plan worked to an extent, then ‘other people’ came on the horizon and the budget was expanded. These people aren’t people  you can ignore or fob of with a tin of quality street, these people have expensive tastes and can make ‘other people’s lives a misery if they are displeased.
And so, the fine art of one-upmanship begins…
And will probably last  throughout future birthdays and Christmases…

Bring it on


Quintessential Christmas


Quintessential Christmas.

Its what most of us have in our minds when we think of what Christmas would be like.

The ideal.

Happy families, crisp white snow, perfectly cooked bird and all the trimmings.

The run up to Christmas is hopeful – that we will find the perfect present, without too much stress and we will stick to the timetable that we have set ourselves.


Then why the hell have I got a monster sinus headache that has had me laid up all flipping day and some bloody idiot has decided that at 22:30 on a Saturday night would be the ideal time to set off some gigantic booming fireworks?
Cue, dogs barking all over the neighbourhood, car alarms going off and children waking up screaming at the top of their lungs….

Its beginning to look a lot like